Why is the street still torn up?

Sometimes, things just don't go to plan. Nor are the plans actually representative of what you find...

Why is the street still torn up?

If you've ever been to our property, you can tell that there are a few places that collect water from elsewhere and route it through our property as it flows towards its final destination offsite. One of the main areas this happens is near the eastern edge of our property, in between the parking lot and future missionary housing area.

Streets have to be removed and replaced whenever new utilities are brought into a piece of land. In our case, we needed access to water, electricity, sewer, gas and some groundwater drainage lines.  For that reason, the street had to be torn up and sliced up.

But the big challenge was the drainage headwall pictured below.  The pipe in the ground was not where and at the angle that the city's plans had represented it.

When we placed our new pipe that extended it, beyond the planned road expansion and sidewalk, into our property, the coupling wasn't right.  The angle of the existing pipe put the extension at the wrong incline.  And when our connector was right, the result was a big gap at the top.

Though its hard to tell from the pictures, the drain pipe is very large and the gap is quite significant.

Working out a solution with the city took quite a bit of time, but thankfully they recently approved a concrete cap to cover the joint, sealing and protecting it for millennia to come.  So now work has redoubled, getting the line finished and the slopes right to collect all the rainwater that keeps pouring out of the sky this year.  Lord willing, it will be finished within the next month and we'll see the street closed back up sometime after that!