It's Not Your Imagination

After months, nigh on years of waiting, we are excited to see the tent quickly being constructed!

It's Not Your Imagination

The reports started coming in over the weekend.  "I was driving by on the freeway and.."  "Did you see what's been happening?!"  "I saw Chris and Jean upon the hill, watching..."

About three weeks ago, the concrete pad for the Sprung tent was poured.  Now that the concrete has cured, we are able to get underway and start putting it up.  A few years ago, Florida Expo offered a steal of a deal on a Sprung tent they had recently decommissioned and after storing it nearby, we then moved it to the property where it has sat, awaiting this grand day!

Now, Accelerated Structures is on site, doing the work.  The aluminum trusses are bolted together, braced and secured, the weatherproof membrane is then stretched out and across each span.  Doorways are located, edges are secured and—eventually—each piece will be stretched taut.

Though the outer shell should be up and finished within a week's time, there is more work to be done.  Next will be multiple inches of insulation, followed by an inner membrane to hide it all.  Once the tent is fully built, then the interior work will commence, with utilities, walls, paint and fixtures being installed.

Just like you, we CAN'T WAIT!!!