The Modulars Have Moved

Though it was almost a year ago that the modulars arrived on site, we can now report, with joy, that the modular buildings are adjacent to their final destinations, with concrete footings curing next to them.

The Modulars Have Moved

It feels like a long time ago that the modular buildings arrived on our property.  They were donated by a school a couple hours south and transported up here where they have sat dormantly for the last twelve months.

With joy, we can now report that the modular buildings are relocated,  resting adjacent to their final destinations, with fresh concrete curing next to them.  In each place around our property where they will be put to use, a pit has been dug, with drainage at the bottom, into which a stem wall will be constructed and the modulars placed atop.

Once in place and secured together, the modular buildings themselves will be utterly overhauled, with the interior and exterior receiving a significant facelift.  The design calls for them to be set at ground level, without stairs or ramps required, and the exterior to be refashioned, so that the look and feel of each building is permanent and strong.

This last week, concrete was poured to establish the foundation onto which these will be built. Once the concrete has cured, a short stem wall will be built and the modulars will be laid onto them.

In a month, be on the lookout for that crane, which will swing them into their new home!  After that, the modernization of the buildings will commence!